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How to Explore and Purchase Royal Haeger Art Pottery

Haeger Pottery operated from 1871 to 2016 with their artware debuting in 1912. Haeger has a growing fanbase among collectors, many of whom see the artworks as a throwback to the time when America had a growing middle-class and life seemed to be improving each year. With the recent end of production, items are still very affordable when you purchase Haeger art pottery on eBay.

What types of Haeger pottery are most desirable?

Haeger USA Pottery made some dinnerware but the most famous items they produce are their vases, created as conversation pieces with different glazes. A Haeger pottery vase is marked by its bold shape and Art Deco inspiration. The colors changed with tastes, and the glowing oranges and chartreuses hark back to 1960s and 1970s decorating style.

Figurines are some of the most recognizable pieces in the Royal Haeger catalog. Their most famous statuettes are the bull and panther designs, the signature pieces from their two best-known designers. Cats, elephants, deer, birds, and gazelles are also well-known and noted for their detailing.

Haeger lamps are also a special find. The table lamps run the range from chic to kitschy representing 20th-century design at its most middle-class. Their TV lamps, designed to add a small amount of light to the darkness of watching television, are whimsical and nostalgic.

What makes Royal Haeger pottery special?

Several features of these pieces make them stand out next to other types of pottery.

  • Glaze - Haeger pottery has a super-high gloss for most of its designs that is hard to replicate. The glaze must be clear, lustrous, and uniform.
  • Colors – Haeger’s glazes incorporated a variety of colors that they changed frequently to keep up with styles and tastes.
  • American-made – Haeger pottery was always made in Illinois.
Can you find bargains in Royal Haeger pottery?

Royal Haeger pottery is a bargain. Most pieces sell for less than $35. On eBay, items sell for as inexpensively as $5 and range over $100 for special pieces.

How do you identify Haeger pottery?

Most of Haeger’s pieces are clearly marked on the bottom. They read “Haeger” or “Royal Haeger” along with a design number and “USA." The bottom should be glazed with three small marks for the stilts it sat on during glazing. If you are lucky, the item still has a sticker on the bottom giving more information about it.

Who were Haeger’s important designers?

Haeger adopted the name Royal Haeger for the line of artware after the designer Royal Arden Hickman. Hickman designed the famous black panther statuette and was responsible for many classic designs mostly in the Art Deco style. He is known for his bold form and fine detail. Other important designers include Eric Olson (the iconic red bull), Elsa Ken Haeger (Royal Garden Flowerware Line), Sascha Brastoff (Esplanade and Roman Bronze lines), and C. Glenn Richardson.

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