What to Know About HTC VIVE VR Headsets

With modern technology it's not a surprise that virtual reality is now, well, a reality. The surprise is the number of devices available and the numerous features you   can enjoy while using a VR headset. One of these devices is the HTC VIVE VR, which is a different system than the Rift. This headset gives you access to multiple features and syncs up with your other devices for a fully immersive, futuristic experience in the present as you enter virtual worlds for endless possibilities for entertainment.

What Can You Do With the HTC VIVE?

Packed with benefits and extras, once you use the VIVE VR to simply carry on a conversation, as well   as the other perks it offers, you'll be addicted to how much fun it can be and how many things you can do with this multifunctional machine. Take gaming to the next level and do what your PlayStation can't with VR play. Powered by Steam, you can enjoy   1,500 games at the touch of a button. A VR game isn't just an ordinary game;   you'll feel as though you're inside of a new universe when you use VR Steam, and whether it's by playing exciting new games like Skyrim VR HTC VIVE or you're connecting to your PC to engage in your favorite game of choice, the options are limitless. Watch video content in a way you've never seen it before. Walk around Google Earth and go anywhere you like without leaving your desk. Enjoy engaging in simulations of actual experiences, like the moon landing, and imagine how it felt to put a foot on the surface of the moon. Use your hands in virtual worlds to build, sculpt, paint, create, move, and engage in numerous objects that   can boost your creativity and get your artistic juices flowing.

What Are the Specs of the HTC VIVE?

The hardware behind the HTC VIVE VR Oculus is nothing less than stellar. This system packs power and performance into an effortlessly simple to use design. Look through the dual AMOLED headset to view content through a clear and crisp   3.6-inch screen via a resolution of 1080 by 1200 pixels within each eyepiece. This eliminates the 'screen-door effect,' which causes you to see pixels   individually and can cause eyestrain. Sensors include a gyroscope, G-sensor, and SteamVR tracking to keep you tethered to the virtual world. There are numerous ports you can use to connect, including an HDMI, USB 2.0, and you can hear premium, superior sound through the 3.5mm earphone jack. VIVE is   fully Bluetooth-enabled. You won't have to worry about accidentally stepping out of your digital zone; the VIVE provides you with a feature called Chaperone so you stay within the proper areas for VR play.

What Comes in the Package?

You will be ready for a game of virtual mini golf in minutes when you unpack everything that comes with your new gear. You'll get your VR headset, which is adjustable and you can even wear with glasses,  two controllers that are intuitive, base stations, and installation cables. You'll also enjoy the convenience of earbuds, chargers, and a comfortable nose rest.  

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