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HP Printer Photo Papers

HP printer photo paper can come in handy when you want to print out photos of special occasions, important moments, and more. Printing photos on HP printer paper gives you a copy that is similar to the results obtained from professional photo processing. Here are a few things to consider about HP photo paper.

What is Broch paper?

Broch paper, also called brochure paper, is HP Premium Plus photo paper that you can print brochures on. HP Premium Plus brochure paper is professional-quality, heavyweight paper that may be used to create color-rich and easy-to-read sales and marketing materials. HP brochure paper is coated on both sides to deliver clear images and designs on the front and back of the page. In addition to creating brochures, it can be used for other items, such as:

  • Flyers
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Information packets
What size and finish is HP Advanced photo paper?

HP Advanced photo paper comes in various sizes that range from as small as 4 inches by 6 inches to as large as 13 inches by 19 inches. This means that you can print everything from small photos to standard-sized documents with it. It also comes in different finishes, such as glossy and soft gloss. Images printed on HP photo paper dry almost instantly to help prevent smudging when handling and the HP photo paper itself supports printing results in vivid and bright colors.

How do you print on small photo paper?

Before you begin, you will need to load the photo paper in the correct tray if your printer has more than one tray. If your printer has paper-width guides, make sure to adjust them so they rest against the glossy photo paper’s edges. However, keep in mind that since each model of printer is different, the exact steps for printing on 4-inch by 6-inch photo paper may vary.

How do you use HP photo paper?

While using any HP brand premium photo paper varies depending on the specific paper and printing program you are using, the main steps are relatively universal for all photo paper and consist of the following:

  1. Insert the HP paper into the printer's "In" tray. The HP logo should be facing up unless otherwise stated on the paper’s package.
  2. From the printing program, select the paper type and print quality. The higher the print quality, the better the image will look on the HP paper.
  3. In the program you're trying to print from, click print. Follow any additional prompts that may come up.
  4. Once the photo is printed, let the ink dry for a few seconds before handling.
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