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HP Pavilion Batteries

HP Pavilion is a line of laptop computers from Hewlett-Packard (HP). While HP products can last a long time, some users may want an updated battery. Newer batteries will generally have a longer charge life.

How many battery cells do HP products have?

The products designed for use in HP Pavilion products come with a set number of cells. You can check the existing battery that you own to see the number of cells you need. Most Pavilion models need a capacity between four and 12 cells to operate properly.

How do you tell which capacity you need?

When you need a new HP Pavilion battery, check the laptop battery that you already own for capacity. You should see white lettering on a solid black background that gives you some basic information about the product. Read through the information on the battery to see the capacity that you need from a new HP battery.

Are all battery sizes compatible?

HP Pavilion products are all different, which means that battery sizes are not compatible across all products. The HP Pavilion line includes both laptops and notebooks. Because notebooks are a little smaller, they will require a smaller battery. Your laptop may require an HP battery of a larger size. Check the design to verify that it will fit in the space on the back of your computer and that all connections line up correctly too.

What is an aftermarket battery?

In the same way that companies sell aftermarket parts for car brands, companies sell laptop batteries as aftermarket products. While compatible with Pavilion laptops, this type of battery will not be manufactured by HP.

What benefits do proper replacement batteries offer?

Some battery alternatives may seem compatible with your Pavilion. However, it's important to choose the right replacement. With the proper battery, you can expect your computer to operate efficiently. Other benefits include:

  • Longer life: Many people choose to get a new laptop battery so that they can enjoy more time using their device without a plug. The proper battery will generally stay charged longer.
  • Better charging: The wrong battery may charge at a much slower speed when used in your laptop. HP Pavilion charges work more effectively with branded batteries.
  • Proper cooling: With the right battery, your computer's internal mechanisms will be properly cooled as you play games, watch movies, or just surf the internet. You won't have to worry about the device overheating.
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