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HP Mini Laptops and Netbooks

The HP Mini is a line of small laptops developed by Hewlett-Packard. First released in 2007, the Mini combines the functions of a PC computer with a more compact design. The Mini was the first to use the NVIDIA ION graphics driver, which is a platform that helps increase performance by accelerating HD video as well as upgrading gaming performance.

What is the HP Mini?

The Mini is a type of netbook: a small, lightweight, legacy-free laptop computer with a minimalistic design, a minuscule form factor, and lower levels of power consumption. The series was designed as an affordable laptop alternative. As a result, the Mini netbook has a smaller display and a slim keyboard without a numeric keypad. The laptop screens are between 9 inches to 11 inches in size, and it is capable of a high-definition or slightly sub-720p resolution. The HP netbook offers basic tasks such as web browsing, writing documents, and limited multimedia. HP also removed the optical drive for the sake of size and affordability. The HP netbook runs on a variety of different operating systems, including a custom version of Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, or Microsoft Windows 7.

How many different models of the HP netbook were released?

Hewlett-Packard released several different models of the Minis: the 1000, 100, 210, 311, 2133, 2140, and a few others. These models share several features in common, including an Intel Atom processor, 1GB to 2GB of RAM, a built-in webcam, an SD card reader, multiple USB 2.0 ports, a combination of wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery life that lasted somewhere between 3-10 hours. A few models also contained an HDMI port. Many of the HP netbook models, including the Mini 1000, were adaptations of the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC education and business notebook. The HP Mini line, however, was designed specifically for the casual consumer market.

Were any netbooks released with slightly more advanced features?

Yes, a few of the Mini models released by Hewlett Packard made improvements compared to the basic Mini design. For example, the HP Mini 5103, released in 2010, included a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a touchscreen display, a facial recognition system, a 7200RPM hard drive, and a six-cell battery with up to 10 hours of total life. Some of the netbook models also offered the option of up to 320GB of storage space and an optional external DVD burner or a DVD burner and Blu-ray reader combo drive.

Later versions of the Mini also have a chiclet keyboard instead of the flush keyboard of the past, and these Minis have a different mouse, too, called a ClickPad, while early versions included a traditional mouse button. Armed with the same Intel Atom processor and Windows software as previous editions, models such as the Mini 210 may have similarities to early releases, but added features, such as more battery life, upgrade the series.

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