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All About HP LaserJet Color Printers

Whether you need a home printer or a business printer, laser printers provide faster printing for your print job with either wireless connectivity or via USB. HP, a trusted technology company makes an HP LaserJet Color printer that works for printing presentations at home or for printing brochures to market your business.

How does a laser printer work?

After you press Print, your printer repeatedly passes a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged drum to create the print or image that you want. The drum attracts positively charged black or colored toner powder, which is stored in a cartridge and transfers the image to paper. As the paper goes through the rollers, it is heated to permanently fuse the text and/or image that the laser made to the paper.

What can you do with your LaserJet Pro Printer?

Your HP Color LaserJet gives you the opportunity to print any project that you would on an inkjet printer, but it will typically be faster, whether connected via USB or wireless connection; however, some LaserJet printers have the capability to fax, scan, email, and copy documents. These multifunctional LaserJet printers are called MFPs or all-in-ones, and they offer a higher level of convenience than a standard color printer.

How does a printer connect to a computer?

Depending on which HP LaserJet Pro Color model you have, you can connect the printer to your computer in four ways. For a traditional hard connectivity, you can connect via USB. Many printers also have wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. Work-group laser printers often connect via Ethernet.

What happens when the toner cartridge runs out?

You have two options when your toner cartridge runs out:

  • Replace: Trade out the empty cartridge with a new cartridge that is compatible with the specifications for your printer.
  • Refill: Refill the cartridge with the necessary color. Color laser printers have four different toner colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A refill kit includes powder for all colors and the tools you need to go through the refill process.
What does the PPM rating mean on a printer?

The PPM rating on your printer tells you the speed that your printer can print a page of text without graphics in black ink. HP LaserJet Pro Color printers range from 10-49 PPM. If your printer has a rating of 30 PPM, it means that the printer can print 30 pages of text per minute. You will find that a strong USB connection will give you the maximum PPM for your printer.

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