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Keep Your Computer Cool with HP CPU Fans

If you have ever spent time working with your notebook on your lap, you have felt the heat it generates when being used. This heat is mostly generated by the device's processor, a small chip that performs all the various calculations needed to operate the computer. With the addition of an HP CPU fan, you can keep your device cool during extended operation.

What are CPU fans?

CPU fans are small devices that help provide cooling for a computer's processing chip. Often found with an attached heatsink to assist in the dispersal of heat, the processor fan is the main source of temperature control for a computer. Most HP Pavilion notebooks feature at least one cooling device to help control the temperature for the CPU.

What is a case fan?

Case fans are small rectangular fan units commonly found in desktop PCs. Thanks to the extra space provided by a desktop's case, these devices can be quite large and provide cooling over the entire unit. Case fans will usually not fit inside a notebook like the HP Pavilion line, but do provide a large amount of cooling and heat dispersal for large desktop PCs.

What factors should you consider when buying a CPU fan?

There are many different CPU cooling devices available for HP computers, and finding the right one for your notebook is important. Here are a few key things to look out for:

  • Heatsink - The heatsink is a small attachment sometimes bundled with the fan that helps disperse heat away from the CPU and into the CPU fan itself. It has a special thermal conductor that is good at absorbing and moving heat. The many notebooks have a heatsink setup that is often attached to the device. If you need to replace both the heatsink and the fan on your laptop, be sure your device has a heatsink included or grab one separately.
  • Size - Laptops have a limited amount of physical space for extra components. The CPU fan you purchase may or may not specifically be designed for your device, but it can still fit if everything else matches up. Be sure the product you're purchasing will fit inside your notebook.
  • Pin count - The physical connection between your computer and the product and the pins on each device will need to match in order for them to communicate with each other. This is how your product gets temperature information and power to cool your device.

Will a CPU fan work with your HP Pavilion notebook?

While your HP CPU fan does not have to be made specifically for your notebook, it will make it much easier to determine compatibility. Replacement fans that were designed for the destination model will avoid compatibility and size issues. If you are not sure whether your fan will work with your model, you can always check the model number on the fan itself to match it with your notebook.

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