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Make More Contacts With HF Antennas

The high frequency (HF) amateur radio bands allow radio waves to travel long distances without the need for a repeater. HF antennas that are designed to operate at these frequencies come in a variety of types and configurations. eBay carries a wide range of HF antennas that will meet the needs of every amateur radio operator.

What else do you need besides an HF antenna?

In order to safely transmit on the HF bands, you will need an antenna tuner that will go between your antenna and your transceiver. The antenna tuner is designed to equalize the signal between the radio and the antenna. Trying to transmit on an antenna that has too high of an SWR ratio could harm your transceiver. Some transceivers already have an internal antenna tuner. Check your owners manual to see if you have an internal antenna tuner.

You will also need to pay careful attention to the type of antenna connection on your transceiver and the type of connector supplied with your antenna system (and your antenna tuner, if you need to buy an external one). In some cases, you may need to buy connectors that couple dissimilar types of ports.

What are some of the types of HF antennas?

HF antennas come in a variety of types and shapes. This is because different types of antennas excel on different bands. Also, some antennas are designed with the needs in mind of homeowners who are dealing with their local homeowner association restrictions. Some antennas, for example, can be as simple as a vertical, multi-band HF discone antenna or an end wire antenna that can be placed up in the upper loft of an A-frame house.

Other HF antennas can be more complex and far larger, and they need to be erected on the top of your roof. There are also portable HF antennas that amateur radio operators take out in the field and out camping along with more portable transceivers. Some models available on eBay are listed here:

  • Buddipole Buddistick HGVHF mature portable antenna with tripod
  • Gabil GRA-750B wideband portable broad-band universal antenna
  • Tram 1311 super wideband discone scanner base antenna
What are some HF amateur radio antenna accessories?

Some of the available accessories on eBay include:

  • Balun: A connector that couples a balanced and an unbalanced line in order to balance impedances.
  • Mounting hardware: This may come with the antenna, so check for that before you buy.
  • Shielded coaxial cable: This brings the signal from your antenna inside to your transceiver.
  • Silicon sealant: This will help to protect your connections from the rain.
  • Antenna supports: What type you need depends on how you plan to mount your antenna.
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