Add Personality to Your Purse With a Hermes Bag Charm

You can attach a Hermes bag charm to a tote, satchel, or other style of handbag for a personalized touch. You may even have an affinity for collecting the various charms. Shop eBay now to find the various new and used designs that are available.

Material used in Hermes bag charms

Hermes offers high-end leather bags. It's no surprise, then, that leather is the most common material used for the Hermes bag charms. Some of the leather is distressed in order to give it a distinctive look. Some of the leather is also dyed to provide various colorful charms. Other materials for these charms include:

  • Lambskin
  • Horsehair
  • Gold-tone or gold-plated metal
What are some of the options on a Hermes charm?

When you decide you want a Hermes bag charm, it's important to find one that you love. Here are a few things to consider as you navigate eBay:

  • Design: Charms may take the shape of snakes, seahorses, or rodeo horses. Others are gold-tone discs with cutwork in the shape of an animal or a capital H.
  • Color: A variety of colored charms are out there in hues ranging from teal to light pink.
  • Attachment: A charm may attach using a leather loop or a lobster claw clasp.
  • Size: Sizes of charms can vary. See the manufacturer site for details.
Common items in a custom bundle with a Hermes charm

Custom bundles including a Hermes bag charm are available on eBay. You may decide to get one of these bundles as a way of getting more for your money. Items that may appear in the bundle include:

  • Hermes ribbon
  • Original Hermes packaging
  • Key chain
  • Multiple bag charms
What are the benefits of buying a used Hermes charm?

Some of the different Hermes bag charms are extremely rare. By choosing to buy a pre-owned one, you can widen your search to access charms that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to find in new condition. Additionally, some of the used charms are more affordable, although they may not come with the original Hermes case.