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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but that doesn’t mean the parts aren’t important. The same applies to guitar parts. Every guitarist needs guitar parts and accessories in order to keep their instrument playing its best. Guitar accessories mean more than just picks and straps, too. There is an entire world of guitar accessories out there for the discerning musician.

Step on It

When it comes to getting the widest variety of music out for your guitar there’s no substitute for an effects pedal. Hook up the right pedals and all your effects are literally just a foot away. Put your foot on a Digitech Whammy or Seymour Duncan Overdrive and step into a world of reverb and distortion effects. Whether you want distortion’s growl or just to sustain a note until everyone gets it, there’s a pedal for every need.

Keep Your Guitar in Tune

Just as it’s hard to play if you can’t carry a tune; it’s hard to play if your guitar can’t either. Keeping your guitar in tune is all about the strings. Guitar strings are kept under tension, and over time they stretch so you have to adjust them to stay in tune. Before you need new strings, you are going to have to tune the ones you have. The easy way to do it is just clip on a Snark or other tuner. Why tune by ear when tuners from Korg, Snark, and other companies do the hard work for you.

Make a Music Connection

When it comes to troubleshooting anything, the first question you have to ask is if it’s plugged in. That’s just as true of guitars as it is of any other electronic device. From amp to speakers to pedals, the one common denominator is cables. Your equipment can’t work together if the components can’t talk to each other. Good quality cables provide clear signals so everything works together in perfect harmony. Just double-check the connectors and plug it in.

You Can’t Play All the Time

One of the unfortunate things about being human is that you can’t play music all the time. You have to eat, sleep, and earn a living. When you’re out and about, you can put your guitar in a case, but sometimes you want it close to hand but don’t want to get it out of the case to use it. That’s when you get a stand. A guitar stand keeps your precious right there where you need it, but safely up and out of the way. Keep the hard shell for going out, show off on a stand when you’re at home.

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