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Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is an interactive music-based video game created by Activision that spans nine different games across multiple gaming systems. The game tests your rhythm, endurance, speed, and timing. The soundtracks for the game are based on classic and modern rock songs.

How is the game played?

Guitar Hero is played with a guitar controller that you holster over your shoulder like a real guitar. The controller features five color-coded buttons, a strum bar and a whammy bar. You simply match the color-coded notes on your screen and strum along with the controls. In the basic career mode, you travel the world performing concerts to establish yourself as a rock god.

What game modes are available?

There are a variety of difficulty levels available in Guitar Hero. If career mode is too easy for you, you can grab your friends and go head to head in a guitar battle. Two players will compete on the same song to see which player achieves the higher score.

Those looking for an even bigger challenge can turn on precision mode which only registers when the note is supposed to hit. Performance mode is another mode that can be used to test your music skills. This mode makes you perform the song by memory as if you were performing on a live stage.

What versions and gaming console options are available?

Activision has released the Guitar Hero games on multiple consoles. This includes Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. There are many games in the series including Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Live, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Guitar Hero V. Guitar Hero 3 was the first game that became available on multiple gaming systems. The first two games in the series were only on the Playstation 2 system.

It's important to mention that Activision later made Guitar Hero III available on PC. There were also several spin-off games focusing on a particular genre of music and on specific bands like Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and Guitar Hero: Metallica.

Can you run Guitar Hero without the guitar controller?

While the video game is usually enjoyed with the guitar controller, you can also use a standard control pad without any problems. When using a standard control pad, it is recommended that you take the time to configure your buttons to customize it to your liking.

Do you need Activision's official guitar?

There are many third-party companies that have manufactured a compatible video-game guitar for the franchise. Just make sure that the one you are buying is compatible with your gaming system.

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