Customize Your iPhone Using a Gucci Cell Phone Case, Cover, or Skin

Gucci has expanded their line of personal accessories to include stylish covers that can fit various regular and plus iPhone models, such as the iPhone 7. A phone skin from Gucci may allow you to customize the look of your iPhone or offer it some measure of protection. If you are looking for new phone covers on eBay, understanding what features they have may help you find an inexpensive Gucci cell phone case, cover, or skin for your needs.

What materials can you choose for your phone case?

eBay offers high-quality Gucci cases for your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or similar models in a variety of materials. Some materials come in different colors or textures that may suit your sense of personal style. Common materials you might find when conducting your search are:

  • Acrylic - Acrylic polymers usually have some degree of transparency.
  • Hard plastic - Plastic cases may be available in different colors or may feature various printed designs, graphics, and shapes. The rigidity of the plastic may offer your iPhone 7 some impact protection.
  • Leather - Leather skins for your iPhone might be smooth, brushed, or dyed to provide you with several textures and color options.
  • Silicone - Covers with a silicone base may feel softer or be somewhat more flexible than other types of cases.
What are some features of Gucci iPhone covers?

In addition to holding or protecting your iPhone, a cover from Gucci may include other features that you might find helpful. If you would like to purchase a skin with more features, you may be able to find one with some of these options:

  • Kickstand - This stand may allow you to position your iPhone on a flat surface without holding the case. You may wish to use this feature for shooting photos or videos.
  • Belt attachment - A skin with a belt attachment will allow you to keep the phone on your person while keeping your hands free.
  • Pouch - Some iPhone skins may feature an additional pouch for storing cards or other objects.
Are these covers compatible with multiple iPhone models?

Gucci may offer skins that work for various iterations of the iPhone. You can use eBay's search parameters to view only those cases that might work with your iPhone. Some common iPhone models you can search for include:

  • The iPhone 7
  • The iPhone 8
  • Various Plus versions of many iPhones
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