Everything You Need to Know About Gucci Belts

New and used Gucci belts on eBay come in a variety of waist sizes and styles. Leather belts are available for both men and women and may include different accessories and buckle styles. Facing styles among the leather belts vary, with some of the Gucci belts containing branded designs on their buckles.

What are some of the different color and pattern options?

Colors and patterns vary on an individual product basis. Both solid-color and patterned designs are offered. The color of the clasp may not match the color of the leather belt. Leather belts containing patterns may feature a design overlaid on top of a solid color. A design example would be a snake pattern overlaid on a green backdrop. Multicolored non-patterned designs are also available. In these products, there may be two to three different colors of stripes that are featured on the leather portion of the belt. Some of the solid-colored options are listed below:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Tan
  • White
What length and size options are available?

The leather belts available come in different lengths depending on the individual product. In some instances, multiple sizes may be available while some products may only come in a single size. Sizing options vary for both men's and women's styles. Options for plus sizing may be included depending on the individual belt.

What types of reversible leather belts are available?

Some leather belts are reversible while others are not. Those that are reversible contain different colors depending on the side of the belt that is facing outward. The buckle of the belt in these products is able to rotate and lock into position. The facing of a non-reversible belt is not able to rotate, so users should refrain from doing so.

Are textured designs available?

Yes, some of the belts contain textures that are imprinted into the leather. In these instances, the facing on the belts will be rough to the touch rather than smooth. These textures are typically done in a systematic repeating pattern that traverses the full length of the belt. Textures do not interfere or affect the holes of the belt.

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