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Grilles for Nissan Altima

Your Nissan Altima sedan is a high-performance driving machine, so it deserves a grille that captures that performance with stunning visual style. So, whether you need a new grille to replace one thats suffered a few dents and dings, or you just want to make a striking new statement, selecting the right grille for your Altima is an important task.

What types of grilles are available for a Nissan Altima?

Keeping your Nissan Altima sedan looking great is reflective of the pride you take in owning such an outstanding vehicle. If you want your vehicle to look unique in addition to looking great, though, a new grille might make the perfect addition.

  • Classic: This exact replacement for your sedans original grille is stylish in its own right. The black horizontal crossbars with the heavy chrome accents and chrome Nissan emblem makes a great choice if you need to replace a grill that has been broken.
  • Black and chrome: This replacement combines black and chrome on each horizontal crossbar to create a refined look.
  • Black mesh: This matte black mesh grille does not utilize the Nissan emblem. Instead, the black mesh pattern envelops the entire grille, providing a sleek and race-worthy look.
  • Black or chrome billet: This grille features thin black or chrome horizontal crossbars to create an upscale look for your Altima.
What are the features of an Altima grille?

In a way, your grille is the "front door" of your Altima vehicle, offering a testament to the pride and attention to detail that Nissan engineers put into every Nissan Altima.

  • Distinctive styling: Even the original grille boasts a bold style that is unmistakably Nissan.
  • Large opening: The grille on your Altima sedan is sized large enough to get plenty of air to the engine to ensure high performance under all driving conditions.
  • Simple installation: Though its securely fastened, the grille is easily removed and replaced.
What manufacturers produce grilles for a Nissan Altima?

Several different aftermarket manufacturers produce grilles for your car. If youre looking for one of the styles mentioned above, utilizing one of these companys products is a great choice. If youre after an exact replacement, you can select a new original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) grille for your Altima. If youd prefer, you can select a second-hand OEM Altima grille taken from a donor car that is no longer in service.

How do you replace a grille on a Nissan Altima?

To get the look youre after by installing a new grille doesnt really require all that much work. For many model years, replacing the grille doesnt even require any tools.

  • Open the hood to reveal the top of the grille.
  • Remove the four clips holding the top of the grille in place.
  • Tilt the grille forward and undo the clips on the left and right side of the grille using your hand or a flathead screwdriver. Pop out the two middle clips using your hand.
  • Install the new grille by snapping the four bottom clips into place using firm and consistent force.
  • Finally, reinstall the top clips, and pull on the new grille to check for proper fit.