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Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Grilles

Update the look of your classic Mercedes-Benz CLK430 with a compatible grille. Choose between OEM and private label grilles designed to give your car a fresh appearance and enhanced cooling capacity.

Are CLK430 grilles compatible with all year models?

No, grilles designed to be generally compatible with the Mercedes-Benz CLK430 do not necessarily fit all model years. These grilles are mostly manufactured by private labels, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and aftermarket brands. As a result, grilles intended for the CLK430 still differ in size and shape according to the year of issue.

Are there any mesh grilles for this model?

There are grilles for this model that contain elements of mesh. For the most part, grilles for the convertible and coupe are of the billet type. That is, a grille with slats arranged vertically and/or horizontally. Horizontal billet grilles are most common among the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, and the horizontal slats are called fins.

Mercedes Benz, and compatible aftermarket manufacturers, produce Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class billet grilles with number of fins ranging from one to five. Honeycomb mesh backdrops often appear in single-fin grilles. Grilles with a central vertical line bisecting multiple horizontal fins and/or a central Mercedes Benz star can be found for this model, for all years.

What’s the range of materials and finishes?

Aluminum, chrome, and thermoplastic are some of the materials you'll encounter most often. Grilles may boast alloys or one material coating another. For example, stainless steel and all-chrome grilles are perennial favorites. Some grilles consist of hard, sturdy plastic with a chrome coating. Finish imparts durability to the grille, resist corrosion, inclement weather, friction, and general wear. Some frequently used finishes include:

  • Chrome: a chromium alloy used for structural enhancement and topical reinforcement.
  • Silver: Indicates a color, not actual silver.
  • Matte Black: A colored finish that is also applied to metal, giving a shine-free finish to match wheels or bumpers.
Are there any Mercedes-Benz CLK430 grille accessories?

Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class grille accessories and related accessories offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. Universal mesh grille vents made of aluminum or ABS, enhance the mesh content of your grille. They also minimize the ingression of dust, bugs, and the elements while permitting maximum airflow to keep your engine and transmission cool.

To customize your Mercedes vehicle's exterior, consider some of the following accessories:

  • Grille emblem star/badge
  • Brabus logo decal
  • Brabus metal fender sticker, turbo logo sticker, adhesive AMG trunk logo
  • Hood ornament
What brands are compatible with Mercedes Benz?

There are tons of original parts by Mercedes-Benz as well as compatible OEM, private labels, and aftermarket manufacturers. The following list is just a sample of the types of brands offering products at any given time:

  • Brabus
  • Crazythegod
  • MIT
  • Autolock
  • Possbay