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Grilles for Lincoln Town Car

The most distinguishing features of Lincoln Town cars are their iconic front end features. A signature of its luxury, you can take the front of your vehicle to a new extreme with replacement grilles. For long-lasting quality and security, give your Lincoln Town car a new front-end treatment.

Why do you need a new front grille?

First and foremost, vehicles have front-end barriers, or gratings, for protection. They protect the engine, radiator, and lights and other parts from damage due to flying debris on the road or collision damage. Because they have slats or mesh, they also allow air flow to the engine.

Some cars and trucks pull air into the engine through the wheel wells. Such vehicles actually have parts that close the grating slats to reduce air friction while driving at high speed. It is extremely important that your Town Car's interior parts are protected at all times, so if you have a damaged front grille, you should replace it immediately. Or, if you just want to upgrade your car's look, you can find your perfect statement piece with a replacement grille.

What types of front-end grilles are there?

The three basic types of front-end grilles for Lincoln Town cars and other vehicles are: mesh, billet, and computer numerical control, or CNC types. Depending on your preference and how you want to re-vamp your Lincoln's look, you can choose from these types:

  • Mesh: For a simple and sleek but elegant and luxurious look for your Town Car, mesh grilles are a good choice. Mesh patterns are either cast in a single piece or they are made by weaving separate pieces of material together. Mesh screens are usually made of aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, or ABS plastic. You can get them with a polished metal finish, chrome plating, or a black powder coating. According to the tightness of the weave, mesh gratings are categorized as either fine or heavy.
  • Billet: Billet grilles are aftermarket parts that offer a stronger or more sporty look. They are meant to enhance the style or function of the original equipment manufacturer part. They are made of vertical or horizontal bars that make them look like a billet, hence their name. Some billet gratings are made of many thin bars that are closely spaced, and some are made of only a few thick bars. They are constructed from stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, or ABS plastic. Billet gratings can be found in either polished, chrome plated, or powder coated in a color that you choose. ABS plastic is impact, heat, and chemical resistant.
  • CNC: CNC means that the grille-making process is controlled by computers for accuracy and individuality. The material is cut and shaped into intricate patterns like spider webs or flames for a strong view that really makes a statement. This is where you can get inventive and personalize your car to match your aesthetic preferences.