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Lincoln Aviator Grilles

The Lincoln grille is among the most iconic and easily recognized grilles on the road. Lincoln Aviator grilles present classic sensibilities expressed through contemporary materials and finishes.

What does a Lincoln grille combination consist of?

The grille combination consists of a front-upper and front-lower grille. The upper grille is the main grille, which typically sits directly below the car's hood emblem. Depending on the combination, both grilles fit all or most of the Aviator trim levels, including Base, Luxury, Premier, and Ultimate four-door SUV. Like single grilles, grille combinations are designed for a specific year or a range of years, so confirm that the year matches your vehicle's model year when narrowing your choices.

How do you install Lincoln Aviator grilles?

To install most Lincoln Aviator grilles, you remove your existing grille but leave the frame in place. Insert the new grille into the frame and fasten it accordingly. Bear in mind; original Lincoln grilles are available as are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket-branded grills. Some of the latter types of insert grilles require you to remove and replace the existing frame.

Bolt-on Lincoln grilles are also available. With a bolt-on grille, you bolt the new grille onto your existing grille and frame. The original grille stays in place, providing an extra layer of protection from dust and debris.

What materials are grilles made of?

Aviator grilles are made of either aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, or plastic. Some of these materials have alternative, interchangeable names. For example, 6061 and 6063 denote aluminum alloys prized for their strength and resistance to corrosion. In addition to stainless steel grilles, high-carbon steel (also called soft steel) grilles are standard.

Grilles made of chrome, an alloy of chromium, may be entirely chrome or chrome surrounding a dense core made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene thermoplastic (ABS), a thermoplastic All of these materials withstand routine wear, extreme temperatures, and year-round weather.

What finishes and colors can you choose from?

Polished and matte are the two main types of Aviator grille finishes. Microfiber indicates a polished kind of finish, whereas powder-coated is synonymous with a matte finish or semi-gloss. Finishes are primarily aesthetic, although they also add a top layer of protection from abuse sustained during routine daily travel.

Silver and black are the most common colors. Some grilles boast silver finishes interlaced with polished or matte black slats or fins. These finishes and colors are merely options you can exploit to match your particular trim, wheels, or other characteristics of your Lincoln Aviator.

Are grilles mesh or billet?

Generally, Lincoln Aviator grilles are of the billet style. Vertical billet grilles are abundant, although there are some OEM and aftermarket-branded horizontal grilles as well. Some of the vertical and horizontal billet grilles include the classic Lincoln emblem attached. Others have a pre-cut hole, letting you install the grille into your front end beneath an existing emblem. There are also grilles with no emblem or pre-cut hole. Grille emblems are sold separately if you should like to update your emblem along with your grille.