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Kia Forte Grilles

One of the first things you see on the Kia Forte is the grille. This component has three jobs; to create an aesthetic, to protect the engine from road debris, and to allow cooling air into the car.

How do you maintain a Kia Forte's grille?

Maintaining your Kia Forte model's grille ensures helps maintain the airflow to help prevent your Forte's engine from overheating, providing extra safety and peace of mind.

  • Keep it Clean: Due to the intricate design of your Forte's grille, it can, over time, collect dead bugs that you run into while driving. Since these bugs stay stuck, they can accumulate, resulting in reduced airflow to your engine. Clean the front and back of your Forte's grille from time to time using mild detergents.
  • Keep it Straight: Rocks and other debris that gets kicked up from the road could cause the mesh in your Forte's grille to deform. To ensure peak airflow, carefully inspect the grille for any deformations, then slowly bend them back to their original shape.
  • Always Check Before Driving: The weather changes constantly, and that can lead to debris accumulating on your grille that could negatively affect your vehicle's performance. It might be snow, ice, leaves, or sticks that have fallen, thus leaving debris susceptible to ingestion by the engine. Give your grille a quick check before you leave, and if you see any debris, thoroughly clean the debris away.
What types of grilles are available for a Kia Forte sedan?

Part of the fun of owning a Kia sedan is being able to customize it to your particular tastes. The grille is one accessory that allows you to do this.

  • Original: A direct replacement for your Forte's grille that looks exactly like the one it was manufactured with. This can be purchased as an original equipment manufacturer part.
  • No Kia Badge: A black mesh grille that lacks the Kia badge to give a tough, racy look to your Forte.
  • Chrome: Add a touch of class and style to your Kia Forte by installing a chrome grille overlay.
  • Black Billet: Instead of a mesh, this Kia Forte grille is made up of several horizontal beams, creating a classic yet sporty appearance.
How do you replace a Kia Forte's grille?

Whether you need to replace an old grille that has been damaged in some way, or you just want a new look for your Kia Forte, replacing your car's grille is a quick and easy process.

  1. Pop the hood and remove the screws holding the top of the grille in place.
  2. Pull the grille forward and remove the remaining screws holding the sides and bottom of the grille in place.
  3. Install the new grille by lining it up with the existing screw holes, then installing the bottom and side screws.
  4. Install the top screws, then gently pull on the grill to check for proper installation.