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Ford Mustang Grilles

A grille sits on the upper front of your vehicle and allows it to circulate air around the central parts of the vehicle while at the same time protecting these areas and components from random debris. Various vents or vented areas cover the Ford grille itself, often in a specifically patterned design, making them a great way to customize your Mustang. Some typical parts that are covered by a Ford grille include the radiator, engine, and cowl.

What are the benefits of adding a grille?

The two main benefits to adding a new grille for your Ford are performance and aesthetics. A grille protects several of your car's components and parts while providing your Mustang with a unique appearance that reflects your personal style. Many Mustang owners use the grille as a way to separate their Ford from others on the road. In addition, your engine and radiator in your Ford need a way to keep cool.

  • Some grilles for the Mustang have specialized airflow paths built-in. Because of this, air moves in and out of the Ford's frame quickly, allowing you to maintain high speeds while the engine continues to run smoothly.
  • Others can keep your engine cool while simultaneously reducing drag on the Mustang and improving the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle.
What types of Mustang grilles are available?

Ford parts are typically available in several materials, finishes, and patterns. While all will increase airflow throughout your Mustang, the finishes and patterns of various grilles will affect the aesthetics of each one. Knowing some common grille patterns, designs, and types can help you choose the one that suits your personal style or complements your Ford.

  • Mesh grilles Combine simplicity and elegance into one design. Mustang mesh grilles come in either fine or heavy mesh designs, depending on the closeness of the individual openings in the grille. You can choose from aluminum, steel, or plastic grilles in a chrome or powder coat finish.
  • Billet grilles are designed as a series of stacked metal bars. You can choose a billet-style grille with several thin bars or one that has only a few thick bars stacked on one another. These grilles also come in aluminum, chrome plating, or ABS plastic.
  • CNC Machine grilles use the same materials as billet or mesh grilles, but they often feature intricate, custom designs made to exacting standards. CNC grilles might be a great choice if you want a detailed yet precise pattern in your grille.
How do you install a Mustang grille?

By following the steps outlined below, you can easily install your new Mustang grille.

  1. Open the hood of your Mustang so that you can view and then remove the current grille from its seating.
  2. Locate all the bolts holding the grille in place, lubricate them if necessary, and remove each one.
  3. Detach the old grille, and set it aside.
  4. Slide the new grille into the vacant spot, making sure it clicks firmly into position.
  5. Retrieve the bolts and attach them to the new grille.