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Ford Explorer Grilles

The grille is often one of the first things a person notices about a Ford Explorer. Along with attracting the attention of buyers, a grille is vital to the Ford SUV's cooling system including the radiator. Buyers can replace stock front-end options with custom elements for visual appeal.

What type of Ford Explorer insert options are there?

The Ford Explorer has several custom insert options. The primary purpose of each custom design is to allow the SUV's cooling system to work properly and keep debris out of the SUV's engine compartment. With a variety of choices, SUV drivers can protect their vehicle's engine while adding stylish choices. Reliable grille insert choices include the following style elements:

  • Billet grille
  • Wire mesh grille
  • Winter fronts and bug screens
  • CNC Machined
  • Outfitted with LED lights
What is a Ford Explorer grille skin?

Replacing a vehicle's mesh or billet grille includes removing an existing grille and installing a new one. A grille skin is an option that allows you to subtly change the look of your Explorer without as much manual labor as it takes to replace the entire grille.

Grille skins are decals that are designed to be placed on an existing billet or mesh grille. Skins can be customized to meet any style demand. If the driver opts to remove the skin, it can easily be scraped off without damaging the existing mesh grille.

What tools are needed to remove an Explorer's billet grille?

Before installing a new Explorer billet grille, you will need to completely remove an existing bumper grille. If the bumper or mesh grille being removed is an OEM part, removal should include removing a few screws and tugging. However, the screws can be difficult to reach. If you begin the process without the right equipment, it could be a lengthy process.

Having the proper tools will allow the grille to be removed quickly and without risk of damage to the element itself. For lasting results, the following tools should be on hand when preparing to remove an Explorer's bumper grille.

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Offset screwdriver
  • Small container to store
  • Hand-held rotary tool
  • Is replacing an Explorer's grille easy?

    There are many different types of replacement chrome grilles on the market. Some of these installations will be simple and done quickly while others are deemed difficult and require the help of a professional installer. When shopping for Ford Explorer bumper or billet grilles, there should be a difficulty level associated with it.

    For an easy install, a driver should only need basic mechanical tools. A moderate grille installation will require some special mechanical skills and some special skills. Difficult grille installations usually require the use of cutting tools and professional installation skills.