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Ford Edge Grilles

When you take your Ford Edge out for a drive, you want to make sure it will look great on the road as you enjoy the view. You can replace your grille insert if it has been damaged, which can make a big difference in your vehicle's overall appearance. If you want a sleek look to turn heads while you drive, you can also opt for an upgraded insert to adorn the upper part of your front end.

What is a Ford Edge bumper grille?

You can get a bumper grille manufactured by Ford. This is a practical choice for anyone who has been in an accident and has received damage to the front the Ford. Ford Edge bumper grille inserts can come primed and ready to paint. These will help restore your Edge to the way it looked when it was at the Ford dealer.

How can you enhance the look of a grille?

An emblem can be an easy way to add a design element to your Ford Edge, whether your original one has fallen off or you've decided to go with a different type. Most come with double-sided adhesive material that you can place on the back of them. Then, you just have to align your emblem to the proper opening or indentation and tighten the nuts to hold all of the parts together. You can find them for your Ford Edge SEL, Sport, or basic.

What's the difference between racing mesh and billet grilles?

A mesh grille consists of material that is, or appears to be, woven together. It can be made using one piece of material, or it can be created by bonding different strands together. Mesh grilles for Ford Edge vehicles can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, or ABS plastic. They'll be finished with polished metal, chrome plating, or a powder coat. You can get one that's a heavy or fine mesh, or you could bump up the style with decorative studs.

A billet grille is likely what your Ford Edge came with from the dealer. Billet refers to stacked bars. The metal bars could be thin or thick and arranged horizontally or vertically. They can be made out of ABS plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. The finished look can be polished, chrome-plated, or powder-coated like the mesh grille.

How do you install a new grille onto an Edge?

The process is fairly straightforward, no matter which model you have. All you'll need is a pair of pliers, a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips screwdriver. Once you have these things:

  1. Lift up the SUV or truck hood.
  2. Use the pliers, flathead screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver to remove the clips and tabs that attach the grille insert to the vehicle.
  3. Snap in the new grille, making sure the fit is secure.
  4. Replace all of the external clips.