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Dodge Avenger Grilles

Dodge Avenger grilles protect components under the hood and allow airflow to cool the engine and radiator when the vehicle is driven. Made of quality materials, they increase performance and longevity. When choosing a grille for your Dodge Avenger coupe or sedan, pay attention to style and installation method.

How do you choose a grille for your Dodge Avenger?

Knowing the year of your Dodge car will help you start the selection process. Grilles will vary according to the model of your vehicle. Follow these steps to select a grille.

  • Decide if you want a grille for cosmetic or replacement purposes. Like the body and wheels of a vehicle, a grille complements your car's style.
  • Select a front grille, bumper grille, or both.
  • Choose an installation method. Some Dodge grilles are easier to install than others.
What types of grilles are available for a Dodge Avenger?

Avenger grilles fit the front of your Dodge vehicle and provide visual appeal. They offer an extra level of protection for your engine and help increase gas mileage. You will find them in billet and mesh styles. Also, try adding a bumper grille for an added layer of defense. Dodge Avenger grilles are made of durable ABS plastic or metal. Verify the material and pattern when buying the pieces separately.

  • Billet front grille: This classic option features horizontal or vertical strips that add a sophisticated style to the front end of your Avenger.
  • Mesh front grille: These grilles have a unique woven pattern resembling a net. They give the Avenger a smooth, sporty look.
  • Bumper grille: The bumper grille works with the front grille to allow air to cool the engine and radiator. It mounts to the vehicle’s lower skirt.
Which installation method should you choose?

You will notice terms like insert, replacement, and overlay while shopping for a grille for your Dodge Avenger. These terms refer to the method of installation. Following is a brief description of the installation methods to help you decide which method works for you.

  • Overlay: This method calls for a simple installation using hidden bolts and clamps to secure the grille in place. The grille goes over your factory-installed frame and requires no interior cutting or drilling.
  • Replacement: With this Dodge grille, you just unscrew the bolts to remove the old piece and swap it with the new one. Occasionally, the front fascia will require removal.
  • Insert: Since grille inserts only replace the center part of the grille, they require a little more elbow grease to install. You will need to saw the center of your existing grille and keep the outer shell for a proper fitting.