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BMW M6 Grilles

Maintain the distinctly elegant front end of your BMW M6 with durable, stylish grilles. Go with black or silver and glossy or matte for a look reflecting your unique sensibilities. Learn more about BMW M6 grilles with thorough research on this diverse category of BMW parts.

Are all of the M6 grilles genuine BMW?

BMW grilles and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) grilles, or genuine grilles, are available. They have specific part numbers corresponding to the grilles that originally came with your M6. These products are direct replacements.

Some people prefer M6 grilles that are private label and aftermarket branded. Private label and aftermarket branded grilles are not considered genuine only because they do not come directly from BMW or from an OEM. It does not mean that they are inferior, however. Private label and aftermarket branded grilles are of the same quality and the same materials as genuine BMW parts. They're just produced through independent and private channels.

What materials are used to make BMW M6 grilles?

Alloys and thermoplastics are most commonly used to make M6 grilles. You'll come across genuine and aftermarket grilles made of stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is a type of thermoplastic sheathed in chrome to create lightweight, heavy-duty bumpers. Low- and high-carbon steel grilles are also available. All of these materials are highly durable as well as resistant to corrosion and extreme weather.

What grille colors and finishes can you get?

Metallic silver and black are the extent of the available colors. You may also purchase strip-shaped grille sticker decals in the signature M Division colors. Occasionally, specific colors and finishes are one and the same, such as black finishes that are almost invariably textured. Other finishes include:

  • Polished: This gives the grille a glossy finish.
  • Brushed: This gives a grille a textured finish and a semigloss appearance.
  • Powder Coated: This is another type of textured finish that gives the grille more of a matte appearance.

Each finish lets you match your grille to your wheel or trim. Finishes also provide an additional layer of protection against corrosion and extreme weather.

Do you have to get both grilles?

BMW M6 grilles are available in sets of two or as single parts. You can get single M6 grilles for either the driver or the passenger side. The same is true for the lower, or bumper, grilles. In general, both genuine and aftermarket lower grilles, upper grilles, sets, and singles are obtainable in both mesh and billet styles. As with all grilles, you can ascertain compatibility by your vehicle's model year, body type, trim, and engine type.