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Expand Your Great Eastern Cutlery Factory Folding Knife Collection

Great Eastern Cutlery produces a wide range of contemporary folding knives in various styles and configurations to meet different needs. You can browse through the selection on eBay to find new and pre-owned GEC knives for sale. By understanding common features and characteristics of the affordable GEC knives on eBay, you'll have an easier time finding models that match your cutlery preferences.

Choosing the steel for your GEC knives

GEC knives come in various steel compositions to give you particular characteristics or help you accomplish certain tasks. Here are the main types of steel compounds you can choose for your GEC knives for sale on eBay:

  • Stainless - This is the standard type of steel in GEC Viper models and other knives. If you need a set of blades that can hold their edges for a reasonable amount of time and are intended to be resistant to staining or wear, stainless steel might be a good choice for you.
  • Carbon - All steel blades that GEC knives use have some carbon in them, but stock that uses this name contains concentrations of carbon that are higher than the averages. If you want a blade that is intended to be relatively easy to sharpen quickly and can take on a nice patina as it ages, this kind of GEC knife can be a good choice.
How do you choose a lock for your GEC knife?

GEC produces knives that use a few different kinds of locks. A model like the traditional GEC Barlow knife doesn't use a locking mechanism. However, it does have a strong spring that keeps the blade stiff and open until you apply moderate pressure to close it. GEC makes a few versions of the Barlow knife in styles such as the TC or the 77, and you can find models in this style that have one or two blades. If you want a GEC knife that uses a lock, you can go for some of the factory-manufactured lockback designs.

Getting GEC knives for sale with different handle materials

Great Eastern Cutlery uses a variety of natural and synthetic materials to make handles for their factory-manufactured folding knives. You may want to choose a particular material based on the available colors it has, the textures you like, or the designs you can get. Common options you can choose from include wood, bone, horn, or plastic. Many of these kinds of GEC knife handles will develop different patterns or smooth textures as you use them.

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