Improve Your Game With a Graphite Design Tour AD DI Shaft

Since 1989, Graphite Design has been producing golf club shafts. If you are ready to up your game on the green, having a golf club suited to your swing, weight, and flex can do just that. You can find hundreds of Graphite Design Tour AD DI shafts to suit most budgets when you shop on eBay.

What shaft models are available?

eBay lists a wide selection of new and preowned shafts. With all the available models, you are likely to find one that fits your swing and style. Each model is made with Graphite Design's MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) design and technology. Graphite Design shaft models you can find include:

  • Tour AD DI 6
  • Tour AD DI 8X
  • Tour AD DI 7S
  • Tour AD DI 105
Advantages of new and used shafts

You can find both new and preowned Graphite Design Tour AD DI shafts on eBay. With a new shaft, you can expect to find no conspicuous flaws or damage. Listings for used shafts typically have pictures and item descriptions detailing any damage or wear and tear. Used shafts are generally cheaper than brand new ones.

How do you choose the right Graphite Design shaft?

Figuring out your swing speed and shaft flex is necessary to find the right shaft. You can easily do this by figuring out which club you would use to hit a ball from 150 yards. If you use a 3-iron, your speed is probably under 60 mph, and ladies' flex will work for you. If you use a 4-iron, your speed is likely between 61-75 mph, suggesting senior flex. A 5-iron typically yields 75-84 mph with regular flex, a 6-iron or 7-iron yields 85-93 mph with stiff flex, and 8-iron or 9-iron yields over 93 mph with extra stiff flex. You will also want to determine which material and grip you need. See the manufacturer site for details.

Features of Graphite Design Tour AD DI shafts

You can find these shafts in men's or women's styles as well as right-handed or left-handed orientation. They are available in varying lengths to suit your height. They also come in an array of colors, allowing you to showcase your style.

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