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Get Into Beast Mode With Grant Boxing Gloves

Whether you're new to boxing or have lots of experience in the ring, Grant boxing gloves may be the equipment you're looking for. A classic American company, Grant has a reputation for making quality boxing gloves. eBay offers Grant boxing gloves in unused condition.

Features to look for in Grant gloves

There are many features to look for if you are purchasing new or used Grant gloves on eBay, including:

  • Quality: Grant manufactures handcrafted boxing gloves from genuine cowhide leather. Tightly sewn for durability, Grant gloves are made to last even with consistent long-term training.
  • Fit: Compared with other high-end boxing gloves, Grant gloves have a snug hand fit. The firm fit trades a wide range of mobility for greater stability. This design is intended to increase punching speed and technique. The gloves have a somewhat structured and less flexible feel than other models.
  • Wrist protection: The lace-up style of Grant boxing gloves helps to ensure a firm fit on the wrist. The wrist cuff extends below the joint and keeps the wrists stable for punches, particularly hooks and uppercuts.
  • Liner: The soft interior liner wicks away sweat as you work out and keeps your hands cool.
How padded is the Grant line of boxing gloves?

The padding of Grant Boxing Gloves generally falls in the middle range. Grant gloves are padded with regular foam or the Ortho foam. Ortho foam tends to cushion the hand more when striking. The foam across the knuckles is constructed to absorb force from punching and to distribute the force evenly over the glove. The glove is intended to protect your hands and wrists during bag work, sparring, matches, or normal workouts. The foam system may make it possible to strike with greater force or for a longer time, depending on individual use.

Grant boxing gloves are suitable for all training types, including beginners and professionally competitive athletes. The lace-up design helps provide stability along the wrist for uppercuts and hooks. The gloves are supportive, so the grip in Grant gloves tends to be tight.

Choosing preowned Grant boxing gloves

eBay has made Grant boxing gloves more widely available, including new and preowned selections. Preowned boxing gloves may feature minimal wear and tear along the hand-stitched seams. Common points of stress often include the inner seam of the thumb. Look for padding material that still retains most of its original loft and an intact inner liner for absorbing sweat. The liner should remain fully attached to the inside of the glove. Laces should have intact eyelets all the way up the lace seam from wrist to palm.

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