Improve Your Efficiency With a GPS Logger

GPS data loggers can catch and record route data over several days. eBay offers hundreds of GPS loggers with different features and design elements that can meet both personal and professional needs. Explore the GPS logger products available on the site to find the model that suits your preferences.

How do GPS loggers work?

A GPS tracker logger shares some similarities with the more traditional GPS device. A regular GPS will record your position in real-time. GPS logger devices record your data after the fact. They can store many days of data on a single drive. This type of tracker is useful if you want to analyze statistical data about the usual routes you take. You might be able to use this data to improve your time doing work-related tasks or exercising. If you are a business owner, having several GPS loggers can help you keep track of employee routes and find ways to make those routes more efficient. Rather than just a location, a GPS logger can show you data such as:

  • The speed at which you travel
  • The time it takes to finish a route
  • Ways to shorten a route
How do you transmit the data?

A GPS logger usually comes with software you can upload to connect it to the device of your choice. The precise steps for transmitting your data can vary depending on the model you choose. However, you may be able to use these guidelines as you set it up:

  • Upload the software - Put the logger's software on the device of your choice. You might be able to pair it with a phone app or a PC.
  • Choose your settings - Set the device to record the types of data you want to track and how long you'd like to save that data.
  • Sync the logger - Download any information the GPS logger has stored in its system. This data will sync with Google Maps or your chosen app.
What kinds of loggers can you get?

You can choose from a range of GPS loggers on eBay. The type that is useful to you will depend on your situation. Some common loggers you will find during your search are:

  • Personal - You can use these types of GPS loggers to track the routes of individual people. They are pocket-sized or attach to clothing for your convenience.
  • Vehicular - These loggers use strong magnets to attach themselves to the frames of vehicles.