Buying Guide to Google Home Mini Smart Speakers

The Google Home Mini represents advanced technology, so it is loaded with a variety of features to benefit you in myriad ways. The following are some of the primary features designed to make your day-to-day life easier.

What are some Google Home Mini Smart Speaker features?

  • Third-party apps - While the Google Mini is focused on Google apps, the device can also interface with a myriad of third-party applications such as YouTube, Spotify, and news apps.
  • Reminders - Use the Mini to set reminders for yourself throughout the week. This includes setting your morning alarm.
  • Smart home control - The device can interface with your smart home software, allowing you to control multiple aspects in the house from the room where the Mini is located.
  • Make calls - The Google Home Mini can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to conduct a phone call hands-free.
  • Story time - You can ask the Google Mini to tell you a story, a great option for those with young kids.

Are Google Home Mini Speakers available in multiple colors?

Yes. You can purchase Google Home Mini speakers in a variety of colors, giving yours a unique feel and helping it fit your personal style. Choose from the following colors on eBay.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • White

The Google Home Mini spreads sound 

The Google Home Mini spreads audio around the room in a 360-degree fashion, using the single 1.6-inch stereo driver installed in the device. It is designed with the idea of getting a surround sound signal from the device in a single speaker. Also built in to the device are two highly sensitive microphones. There is a single switch on the device to turn on and off the microphone. The sensitivity of the microphones includes far-field voice recognition, meaning you can interface with the device regardless of where you currently are in the room.

How big is the Google Home Mini?

All of these features are housed inside of a flat disk that is 1.5 inches deep and 4 inches long. This compact design is intended to help the product fit anywhere in the room where it is being used.

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