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Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Golf cart wheels and tires wear out over time and require replacement or repair, much like standard automobile tires. Some cart owners prefer to change the look of their golf cart with modified sizes and finishes on their tires or wheels. Understanding the standard sizes and choices you have for golf cart tires and wheels will help you make the right purchasing decisions.

What are standard measurements for golf cart tires and wheels?

When looking at golf cart tires or golf cart wheels for your golf cart, there are standard sizes as well as deviations from the standard sizes for those seeking a lifted or lowered look. For standard sizes, the measurements are as follows:

  • Hubs: The lugs are set in a 4 on 4 pattern. This means four equidistant lugs are set in holes around the inner circumference of the hub, which measures four inches.
  • Wheel size: Standard wheels measure eight inches in diameter.
  • Wheel offset: Standard wheels are center mount with zero offset.
Do golf cart tires have different treads for different surfaces?

Because golf carts can be used over a variety of surfaces, including pavement, gravel, dirt, sand, and wooded settings, golf cart tires come in a variety of patterns that are designed for optimum performance on specified surfaces. Some of the different types available for golf cart tires include:

  • Turf and Street: This is the standard on tires for golf carts sold from manufacturers or dealerships. Designed for the dual surfaces found on most golf courses, both pavement and grass or turf, these tires are actually crafted to minimize any potential damage to the greens on a golf course.
  • Knobby and Off Road: Designed for more adventurous surfaces such as creeks, woods, and gravel, these tires are similar to those found on backcountry vehicles such as ATVs. The tread is deep with a knobby grip, allowing you to navigate tough off-road conditions. These are not recommended for use on golf courses, manicured greens, or public spaces.
  • All Terrain: These tires are designed to perform on the widest variety of surfaces. Before installing this type of tire on your golf cart, check to see if there are any regulations on your local golf courses or town zoning laws regarding using this type.
What is a lift kit?

For those installing golf cart wheels that are larger than standard size, either for a different look or for off-road function, a lift kit will be necessary.