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Find Your Fortune with Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Prospecting for gold has never been easier than with a handheld tool. Spend the afternoon searching for treasures in fields, parks, and even beaches. The lightweight, reasonably priced tool?available on eBay?features everything you need to search easily and even comes with headphones, so only the person searching knows where the gold might be.

Why is a gold metal detector different from other models?

A gold prospecting metal detector is different from a traditional model because it is designed to be sensitive to certain materials. Specifically, a metal detector with gold in the title is created to be sensitive to gold metals. These detectors will detect all types of metal, but not all metal detectors are sensitive enough to detect gold.

Do you have to wear the headphones when in use?

Gold detectors are usually sold with headphones to assist in the search. The headphones alert just the user to the possibility of metal. The metal detector can be used without the headphones, though. If the headphones are not connected to the unit, however, everyone around the person prospecting will be able to hear the alert beeps, so they could beat you to the treasure.

Are gold metal detectors waterproof?

Most gold prospector detectors you can find on eBay are waterproof up to a certain point. Before using one in water, it's important to check the instruction manual that came with the product. Usually, there is a knob on the handle of the detector. The product shouldn't be submerged in water that is deeper than the knob. If water is allowed to go above the knob, the product could suffer damage to its components and LCD display, if it applies.

Does every gold prospecting tool have an LCD display?

Not all units are created with a LCD display. However, the tools that are connected with this screen provide knowledge the prospector needs when searching for metals. The LCD screen is backlit, so it is easy to read in dark or low-light conditions. Information that could be shown on the display includes the following:

  • Probably type of metal
  • Depth range
  • Battery status
  • Level of sensitivity
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