Add Classic Timepieces to Your Outfit With Solid Gold Wristwatches

If you're looking to add some flash to your everyday outfits, consider a gold case wristwatch. Solid gold watches are available in an array of styles and mechanical options at affordable prices on eBay. Understanding some of the options you can pick from and the features they might have will help you find the gold watch that works for you.

Display options for solid gold watches

Any solid gold watch that you find on eBay will use one of two main display types. Each type can tell you the current time with accuracy. The one you choose will depend largely on your personal preferences or the look you want to achieve. The main choices you have in this category are:

  • Analog - An analog-style solid gold watch uses hands and numerals to display the time for you on the face. Within the analog style, you can choose other style options to customize how the numerals look or the kinds of hands the device uses.
  • Digital - This version of the traditional gold watch will display the current time as a series of digital numbers. It does not use hands or other mechanical parts. You may be able to add some features to the digital display.
Can you get solid gold watches in different styles?

The solid gold watch look is its own style, but there are many ways for various brands to express this style uniquely. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find gold watches that are designed in the specific styles that appeal to your personal tastes. Some of the options you have here are:

  • Sport - A gold watch in a sporty style may include additional features such as a timer or stopwatch function. Some of these watches have robust cases or water-resistant properties.
  • Formal - Formal gold watches may use sleek designs and semi-precious stones to give off a luxury look that goes with a formal suit or outfit.
  • Flat - If you want a minimalist solid gold watch that doesn't take up much room on your wrist, the ultra-flat variety might work for you.
Other features of solid gold watches

Both new and pre-owned solid gold watches can come with several features that you might find convenient. Some things you will discover for your solid gold watch may include LCD or OLED displays for digital gold watches, a backlight to view the current time of your analog watch in the dark, scratch-resistant parts, rotating or fixed bezels, and reversible bands.