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GoPro Camcorders

Photography is a common hobby, and many amateur photographers want to create images that look professional. One way to help ensure amazing photos is to purchase quality equipment. With a GoPro, you can capture brilliant still images and video while participating in active pursuits such as skiing or surfing.

What does a GoPro do?

By offering excellent video and photo features in a durable casing, GoPro camcorders can shoot in many conditions. Its ultra-wide-angle view produces sharp images and video, and its preset interval feature allows you to create time-lapse movies. Furthermore, GoPros are fully mountable, allowing for hands-free recording. The camcorders can be worn as a wristband or even placed on a dashboard to capture compelling video. You can also place the camera on top of an extension pole to create overhead shots of a scene.

What GoPro camera models are available?

The GoPro Hero line is currently available in six different product lines, from the original Hero to Hero 6. With each newer model, certain capabilities and quality levels are added. There are also specific Hero camcorders that are available in styles suited to particular activities, including surfing and motorsports.

In addition to the original Hero line, the company offers the Hero Session line of cameras. The Session’s compact design and high-quality resolution make it a good choice for those who desire powerful technology in a small package.

How long do GoPro batteries last?

On average, GoPro cameras can shoot up to two hours of video when using the most common settings. The age of the item, weather conditions, and how many features being used at one time determine power drainage.

What accessories are offered for a GoPro?

One of the unique advantages of using a GoPro is that it’s fully customizable to meet a photographer’s needs. BacPac accessories, which can be used with most models of the camcorder, allow you to easily control the camera with a touchscreen. If battery drainage is a concern, add a battery BacPac to double your camera’s power.

Multiple mounting accessories are available for the camcorder as well. These include:

  • Suction-cup mount
  • Tripod mount
  • Wearable mounts for the wrist and head
  • Chest-mounting harness
Can a GoPro connect to other devices?

With the exceptions of the original Hero and Hero 2, each model includes built-in Wi-Fi. This allows you to connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet for viewing footage. If your model does not feature Wi-Fi, there are BacPacs available that can add a connection to your device.