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Dodge Durango Glove Boxes

The Dodge Durango is an SUV that has been designed in both mid-size and full-size body styles. The Durango is ideal for towing or for use as a daily driver. Dodge Durango glove boxes can be changed out if they become damaged or if they malfunction.

What purpose does the glove box serve?

The glove box in your Durango can be used to store essential items and keep them contained. The location of the glove box allows you to easily access it while in the driver's seat. It works well as a storage area for your registration and other car-related documents. You can also store an emergency kit, flashlight, or tools in the glove box. Many have locking mechanisms that allow you to use your car key to lock and unlock the box.

Are glove boxes from different model Dodge vehicles compatible?

Some glove boxes may be compatible between the different years of Dodge cars. You can find out if you have the VIN number and part information to inquire whether a particular glove box will fit your vehicle. The size and shape of the part can vary greatly between the different models so it's essential to purchase one that is made to fit your exact vehicle.

How do you choose a glove box for the Dodge?

To choose a glove box, you should first know the year and trim of your Dodge Durango. Parts can vary greatly between models and even trims of Durango vehicles. You should also be aware of the interior color of your vehicle as you will want to purchase a glove box that matches your interior color exactly. When shopping for parts that go on your Dodge, it's important to understand the term "OEM." This phrase is used when a part is a genuine Dodge-made product. There are also other aftermarket brands that make different parts for the Dodge Durango.

Can you replace just the glove box latch?

Glove box latches will break occasionally and they can be easily replaced when needed. The latch is a separate piece from the box and can be purchased and installed on its own. You don't have to buy the entire glove box if you only need the latch. The handle can be replaced with a few simple tools. You may need to remove the entire glove box to replace the latch. It's held on with two screws and these can be reused to install your new handle if they aren't worn or damaged. Once the old latch has been removed you can mount the new part with the screws.

How do you install a glove box in your Durango?

Installing a new glove box in your Dodge is as simple as removing the old one and putting the new one in place. This process can be done with basic tools and requires no advanced mechanical knowledge. The old glove box will be held in with screws. Once these are removed, there may also be plastic clips at the back. Once the clips are undone you can remove the electrical connections. After the old box is removed, you can install the new one with the existing clips and the screws that were previously used. If the hardware is damaged or worn, you can order an extra set for installation of your new part.