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Glassware designated for your table or favorite display cabinet may consist of old fashioned glasses, elegant glassware, or vintage pieces from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. As with any purchase, buy what you like and you'll love your tableware from day one. In an eclectic market, you don't need to worry about mixing styles such as serving wine in crystal ware, wine glasses, or glass tumblers. On the other hand, you can match all your pieces based on a specific brand and type for a cohesive appearance. You'll find carnival, cut glass, and other types of glass when perusing eBay selections.

What Are Important Considerations When Buying Glassware?

Satisfied buyers know what they want before shopping. Consider these helpful tips:

  • Quality: A manufacturer that has produced glassware for decades or centuries such as Waterford since 1783 and Pyrex since 1908 nearly ensures that the product is of the highest caliber.
  • Storage: Everyone may prefer using a 12-inch dinner plate, but will it fit in a standard-size cupboard? Additionally, collectors can run into storage problems when their collection is bigger than space available in their storage cabinets.
  • Color: White glassware, whether choosing white drinkware or a dinner set, has a classic and timeless appeal. Mix in colored pieces for variety.
  • Budget: Great-looking pieces usually cost more so increase your budget if need be and you won't be disappointed.

What Glass Types Are Available?

Your house never looks boring when you display and use a wide variety of glassware such as these for everyday and formal occasions:

  • Cut Glass: People like this type of glass because it sparkles and reflects light across the dinner table. Fine glassware should not have chips or cracks and often pieces are available in pairs or sets.
  • Crystal Glass: This glass normally contains from 2 to 30 percent lead making them a durable alternative to regular glass. You can also purchase non-lead crystal that is dishwasher safe.
  • Elegant Glass: During the Depression Era, this glass was produced and sold in department stores. Pieces are brightly colored and considered an alternative to fine china.

What Brands Should You Consider?

Classic brands are a good option even for new collections, as they have signature looks and a larger selection of new and vintage designs to choose from.

  • Lenox: Founded in 1889, the company makes bone china with their first two patterns manufactured for over 50 years. You'll find antique pieces such as wine glasses and goblets or vintage original designs to include whiskey glasses and stemware.
  • Mikasa: The company has been a tableware supplier since 1948 specializing in crystal stemware, dinnerware, and barware.