Girls' Pants Sizes 4 & Up

Girls' pants sizes 4 and up are made for kids who have grown out of diapers or pullup training pants. These pants fit smaller in the seat than toddler clothing. Girls' pants in sizes four and up come in a range of styles and colors, and they are made by many different manufacturers.

What are the styles of girls' pants 4 and up?
  • Athletic: Athletic pants for kids feature an elasticized waist, elastic leg hems, and a relaxed fit through the hips, seat, thighs, and legs.
  • Capri: Capri pants for girls have a length that stops after the knee and before the ankle. They may have a skinny or relaxed fit.
  • Leggings: Leggings for girls have a skinny or formfitting style. The leggings often include a blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and spandex for stretching properties.
  • Casual: Casual pants for girls can be made of cotton, denim, or a cotton and polyester blend. These pants may have a skinny, straight, or relaxed fit. They may feature textures such as corduroy ribs.
  • Dress: Dress pants for girls might be made from a cotton and polyester blend and have belt loops. These bottoms for girls may come in a skinny or straight fit with a high or regular waist. The front may have pleats or decorative stitching at the seams.
What are the features of girls' pants size 4+?
  • Pull-on: Girls' athletic pants, leggings, and sweatpants can have an elastic waist.
  • Ruffles and decorative elements: Girls' bottoms may have decorative elements such as ruffles embroidered designs, pockets, or metallic threads.
  • A variety of materials: Bottoms for a girl are made of materials including denim, spandex, cotton, cotton blends, and polyester.
How can you choose a size of girls' 4+ pants?

Bottoms for a girl follow standard sizing for kids' clothing. To measure a child for girls' bottoms, you will need to know the child's height, waist, and hip measurement. To measure the waist of a girl, use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the trunk about 1 inch below the belly button. For hips, measure around the widest part of the hips.

Bottoms for a girl size 4 fit a child who is 44 to 45 inches tall, has a waist size of 21 inches, and has hips measuring 26 inches. For each 2-inch increase in height, ½-inch increase in the waist measurement, or 1-inch increase in the hip measurement, choose the next larger pair of leggings or bottoms for a girl. For a girl who measures between two sizes, choose the larger pair of kids' bottoms or leggings.