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Gillette Men's Razors

Gillette has been producing razors for a long time. Over the years, the company has developed technology that allows men to select a product that meets their individual grooming needs. These products include disposable razors, razors with two to five blades, power razors, and razors designed for sensitive skin.

What are the types of Gillette razors?

Gillette offers razors with two, three, and five blades.

  • Two blades: Sensor 2 comes in different disposable models.
  • Three blades: Mach 3 is available in Turbo, Sensitive, and disposable. Sensor 3 comes in disposable and non-disposable. Simple 3 and Custom Plus 3 are soothing.
  • Five blades: Fusion 5 ProGlide is available in manual and power. You can also choose the Fusion 5 or Sensor 5.
What is Gillette FlexBall technology?

This development in Gillette brand technology is being incorporated into all of Gillette’s razor blade models. It allows the blade to be stabilized but still have enough mobility to navigate the terrain of the face and neck to provide a close shave. There are five blades on most of the razors with FlexBall technology to assist men in getting an accurate shave. Different lubricants are available on razors with this type of technology in order to customize the experience.

Can you use Gillette Fusion cartridges on other razors?

Gillette puts out a chart that allows consumers to see which cartridges are compatible with which razors. While most of the newer models are compatible with a collection of newer cartridge blades, older models are more particular about which cartridges can be used. For instance, those in a particular collection or family are interchangeable, like those in the Mach 3 family. Disposable razors, of course, cannot be reused.

How should Gillette razors be used to protect skin?

Gillette recommends washing skin before shaving and being aware of any dull blades that might be harsh on sensitive skin. Keeping a sharp razor can help to streamline the process. Tricky areas like the upper lip should be shaved last, so aloe or other products that assist with sensitive skin have time to settle first. Rinsing razor blades often with cool water and rinsing the face immediately after shaving can also help. Gillette recommends utilizing aftershave without a lot of extra chemicals or detergents to minimize the chances of any allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

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