Frequently Asked Questions About Giga Pets

Giga Pets is a line of hand-held digital pets/electronic toys. Users of the pet toys are tasked with taking care of the virtual pet through digital duties such as feeding, playing with, and cleaning it. Eventually, the brand included more than just digital creatures, and versions of characters from other franchises were made as well.

What conditions are Giga Pets available in on eBay?

You can find a wide range of these virtual pets in conditions such as brand-new, preowned, and vintage. Some of the common characters that you may come across during your search on eBay include Barbie, Star Wars, Floppy Frog, and Digimon.

How do you take care of Giga Pets?

Taking care of these virtual pets within the game involves performing certain functions on the toy in order to increase the level of the creature's different meters. Here are the tasks you must perform in order to keep your pet happy and healthy:

  • Feeding: Food keeps your virtual pets happy and healthy. While performing this action within the game, you are presented with several food choices. Pick healthy food to decrease your creature's hunger and treats to increase your creature's happiness.
  • Sleep: In order to stay healthy, your creature must sleep. By performing the sleep function, the user can turn the creature's lights out, prompting it to sleep. The user can then turn the light back on through the same function.
  • Play: Playing keeps your creature happy. Performing the play action starts a dexterity game. An item will appear on either side of your creature. The user must then press the corresponding button (right or left). If the proper button is pressed, your creature will perform a trick.
  • Going to the doctor: It is possible for your creature to become sick. If this happens, simply press the doctor button and the doctor will heal your pet.
  • Reward/discipline: You can encourage or discourage your creature from performing certain behaviors through both the reward and discipline functions. If the creature performs an action that you like, reward it, and it may perform it again. If it performs a negative action, you can discipline it to discourage it from continuing to do this action in the future.
Can your Giga Pet die?

Yes. There are two possible scenarios that could cause your digital creature to die, and they are the following:

  • Poor health: You should keep an eye on all of your creature's meters. If a meter, such as hunger, gets too low, it can cause your creature to die.
  • Old age: These virtual pets are designed to live anywhere from two weeks to a few months. Once the creature reaches its maximum life span, it is possible that it will die.

Luckily, death does not mean the end of use for this product. If your creature dies, you can simply press the reset button, which will allow you to begin again with a brand-new version of your virtual creature.

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