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Get a Gibson Electric Guitar on eBay and Rock Out

The Gibson Guitar Corporation is one of the oldest and most prominent names in guitar manufacturing, having created countless electric and acoustic guitars over the decades that long lines of acclaimed and award-winning musicians swear by. eBay has extensive listings where you can buy many different Gibson electric guitars, including many hard-to-find special editions. Here is a general overview of some of what those listings can offer you.

Different types of Gibson electric guitars

Here are Gibson's main guitar types and some of their general features:

  • The Gibson SG Series: Gibson SG guitars are the instruments of choice for AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young, and you need simply find pictures of him playing in order to have a general idea of what they look like. Typically, the body and neck are made of mahogany, while the fretboard is made of rosewood. These guitars have 22 frets and depending on the specific model being considered, they use either P90 or Burstbucker pickups. 
  • The Gibson ES Series: Gibson ES guitars feature wide semi-circular maple bodies, mahogany necks, and rosewood fingerboards. Depending on the model, they can use either humbucker or P90 pickups. Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl has often used a Gibson ES guitar, as has Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Rainbow and Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore in his early career.
  • The Gibson Les Paul Series: Gibson Les Pauls are the kind of guitars typically used by Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver lead guitarist Slash. They are known for their wide and prominent bodies, made of multiply maple. Guitar necks are typically made of mahogany, while fretboards are made of ebony. See the eBay listings for exact details on particular models.

Custom-made Gibson guitars on eBay

In addition to the more general kinds of Gibson guitars, Gibson has also made many special-edition guitars with either a special shape or design in honor of certain guitarists. Some of these include:

  • The Gibson ES-335 Chris Cornell Tribute guitar
  • The Gibson Explorer
  • The Gibson Firebird
  • The Gibson Flying V

Why should you buy used Gibson electric guitars on eBay?

Many new Gibson guitars, particularly those in the SG or Les Paul series, can easily cost at least $1,500 to $2,000. New Gibson ES guitars often cost substantially more than that, easily running into the range of $3,000 or more. By contrast, you can often find a used Gibson SG guitar on eBay that is still in excellent condition, but which costs approximately $500. Used Gibson Les Pauls can usually be had for $500 to $1,000, and rarely for more than $1,500. Used Gibson ES guitars typically sell on eBay for $1,500 to $2,000.

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