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Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson guitars started in 1902 by Owen Gibson, and it is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Each model is produced with a custom combination of select and sustainable tonewoods, including rosewood, mahogany, spruce, sitka, and more. The diverse Gibson product line offers vintage and modern-style acoustic guitars designed for many musical genres and performance needs.

What are the different types of Gibson acoustic guitars?

Gibson acoustic guitars come in the following styles:

  • Small body: Also known as parlor guitars, the smaller bodies of these Gibson models produce a brighter tone. Examples are the 12-Fret Rosewood guitar, the L-00 Standard .83-.91 Vintage Sunburst, and the L-100 Nick Lucas Custom Exotic Rosewood .79-.85 Vintage Sunburst.
  • Dreadnought: Slightly larger than parlor-size models, these guitars increase sound projection and are the most common size among guitars in the Gibson family. An example is the LE Songwriter Studio Deluxe guitar.
  • Jumbo: These Gibson models are essentially dreadnought designs, but the upper bouts are slightly larger to help provide better balance with lower tones. The J-45 guitar is a well-known example in this family.
  • Super jumbo: Also known as the L-200 model, this is the largest and loudest model that Gibson makes.
How do you select the right guitar?

Know how you will be using the guitar. Playing it live in front of audiences may require a larger model that can project and/or contain electronics that enable it to be played through a PA system. A guitar with a smaller body may be more suitable for practice or studio use. Your style of picking — flatpicking or fingerpicking — may also affect the model you choose. Select your Gibson guitar based on which model sounds and feels right and meets your performance, picking style, practice, and/or recording needs.

What are some of the acoustic guitars that Gibson makes?
  • J-45 Series: Appropriately named "The Workhorse," this dreadnought acoustic guitar includes varied tonal qualities, playability, structural balance, and electronics. Variations of the J-45 include the Vintage, Granadillo, and Standard models.
  • J-15 Series: This Gibson model has the same shape as the J-45 while retaining high-level tonal properties and playability. It is also designed as a more rugged alternative for heavy use. Use of a maple neck brightens the tone over traditional rosewood.
  • L-00 Standard: Derived from vintage acoustic guitars Gibson made in the 1930s, the L-00 includes a smaller body with a brighter tone. This modern version contains a high-end pickup for PA and studio use and a rosewood fingerboard for tonal warmth.
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