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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting GEC KT88 Vacuum Tubes

When you have a vintage radio, transceiver, or other equipment, you may need to replace its vacuum tubes in order to keep it fully operational. The right vacuum tubes offer consistent performance that you can rely on for many hours of operating the device. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of affordable GEC KT88 vacuum tubes with a range of features to suit your electrical equipment maintenance and operation needs.

What are some features of the GEC KT88 vacuum tubes?

The features of the affordable GEC KT88 vacuum tubes on eBay may include:

  • Cathode type: The cathode type is indirectly heated.
  • Maximum dissipation watts: The tubes can dissipate 43 watts of power.
  • Octal base: The tubes have a base with eight wires.
  • Pin functions: Pins 2 and 7 heat, pin 3 is the anode, pin 4 is the screen grid, pin 5 is the control grid, and pin 8 is for the cathode beam plate. Pins 1 and 6 are not in use.
What are the technical specifications of the GEC KT88 tubes?

The technical specifications of the affordable GEC Kt88 vacuum tubes on eBay include:

  • Maximum voltage: The maximum voltage handled by these tubes is 800 volts.
  • Heater voltage: The heater voltage is 6.3 volts.
  • Heater current: The heater current is 1.6 amps.
  • Anode resistance: The anode resistance is 12 kilo ohms.
  • Screen and anode voltage: The screen and anode voltage are 250 volts.
What are the applications of GEC KT88 tubes on eBay?

The applications of a new or used GEC KT88 vacuum tube on eBay includes:

  • Guitar amplifier: This type of vacuum tube has a high power output, making it ideal for guitar amplification on a stage setting.
  • Hi-Fi stereos: The high power output of these vacuum tubes and warm output make them a wise choice for use in hi-fi stereos.
  • Other amplifiers: These vacuum tubes are rated for use in class A and class AB amplifiers for studio and recording use.
How do you choose GEC KT88 vacuum tubes on eBay?

When you are shopping for GEC KT88 vacuum tubes on eBay, consider their:

  • Condition: Select new or used vacuum tubes. The used tubes may be in working or parts-only condition.
  • Pairing: If you need to replace more than one vacuum tube, consider pairs that have been match tested for compatibility.
  • Type: Choose an NOS or power tube for your device.
  • Remaining lifespan: For used tubes, the remaining lifespan may vary.
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