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Gasoline Gift Cards

Gasoline gift cards are a useful and versatile gift option. There are numerous ways and places to redeem this type of gift card, making them practical for gifting nationwide. They allow you to enjoy acceptance at the pump or in-store through numerous national brand locations.

Where can this gasoline gift card be used?

Gasoline gift cards can be used at a variety of stations as designated by their terms of use. If a gift card is for a specific national brand, it would be valid only at gas stations and associated stores that are owned, franchised, or operated under that brand. It is important to note that not all stations accept gift cards as a form of payment. Local laws, rules, and policies implemented by franchise owners may apply.

Can you use this gift card for more than just gas?

Most participating stations will accept gift cards under their brands as payment for a variety of items. Purchases of gasoline; convenience store items like snacks, automotive supplies, and beverages; and related services available at the same location are often allowed. Local policies and restrictions may apply. Overages not covered by existing funds on the card can be paid via an alternative payment method.

How can the balance on this gift card be checked?

Any remaining balance on the card will be printed on the receipt at the end of the transaction. Most cards also include a URL and/or phone number where you can verify balances online or by phone. Gas pumps will only vend as much fuel as there are funds on the card, so there is no danger of being overdrawn or incurring fees for overdrafts. Most cashiers and station attendants can also check balances.

What happens if this card is lost or stolen?

It is recommended that purchasers treat their gasoline gift cards as cash and protect them accordingly. Cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen, and balances cannot be transferred. The seller provides no insurance or warranty. Please also understand that no particular name or entity is associated with these cards. They can be used anonymously at any participating location and by any individual.

When does this gasoline gift card expire?

Your card is valid for as long as it has a usable balance. Balances as low as a penny will keep your card active indefinitely. There is no expiration and there are no fees for inactivity. Use it at your leisure, and do not worry about it losing value or becoming invalid at any time. Please note that pre-pay options at the pump may be restricted if your card balance is too low. See a cashier for assistance in these instances.