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Get Around Quickly on a Gas Scooter

When you need a small vehicle for convenience and want to ride a powered machine, a gas scooter might be right for you. Gas scooters can be good investments because of their ease of use and practicality. You'll find numerous types of new and used gas-powered scooters for sale on eBay.

What type of engines do these scooters have?

The advantage of a gas-powered scooter is that it has the power to get you around town relatively quickly. The smallest-sized engine on the gas-powered scooters you'll see online will probably be 50cc. This size engine typically maxes out at around 35 mph. Since this is somewhat limited, cheap scooters on eBay are usually of this type. As you move up in engine size, so does your top speed. A Buddy 125cc scooter can go 50 mph, and a Vespa LX150cc can reach speeds of nearly 60 mph. At the top range, you might see new or used scooters with 300cc engines, which may achieve speeds of up to 80 mph. With this capability, a model like this is definitely a gas scooter for adults as opposed to kids.

What other features differentiate scooters from one another?

When looking at scooters on eBay, you'll see many styles. Factors that can help you make your decision include:

  • Fuel economy: While all scooters can go a long way on a single tank of gas, there are some variations in efficiency. Many models can get approximately 80 miles per gallon, with some achieving over 120 mpg.
  • Cost: Cost depends on quality, size of the engine, and additional accessories that may be included. (Accessories can include accent lights, baskets and trunks, cargo carriers, covers, windshields, and smartphone holders and chargers.) Used scooters are always more affordable than their new counterparts.
  • Tire size: Smaller wheels, with a 10-inch diameter, make a scooter more maneuverable. However, larger wheels have better stability and can handle bumps in the road. Most tires are 12 or 13 inches in diameter, and larger ones may be 16 inches across. Deciding which size works for you can help you narrow your choices when seeking a gas scooter for sale.
  • Transmission: Nearly all contemporary gas scooters have an automatic transmission. Some vintage gas scooters must be manually shifted when you're switching gears.
Gas scooter manufacturers

Many companies manufacture gas scooters. They include:

  • Vespa: This brand is iconic and known for its steel frames.
  • Genuine: This is an American company that has some vintage-inspired models.
  • Honda: Honda has a wide range of scooters, including some designed for off-roading.
  • Yamaha: A well-known name in the industry, Yamaha makes several models. They range from the Vino, which is great for use in urban areas, to the rugged Zuma.
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