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Gardening Supplies

As the weather changes, it's time to start thinking about starting your garden. You spend all winter indoors, and now it's time to get outside and play in the dirt. Gardening supplies include more than just garden hand tools and equipment. It encompasses all things gardening from tools to soil and pH testers to water hoses. To get that perfect garden, you need the right gardening supplies.

Hand Me That Tool

Garden hand tools and equipment make it easy to keep your garden healthy and thriving. Your grass will look greener, your flowers more vibrant, and your plants more alive. Possibly the most important gardening tool is the water distribution system you use; it's the lifeline to plants. To some, this may be a watering can while others just want to turn on the water hose and give their flower beds a drink of water. When space is a concern, but you still want to use a hose, look at the Pocket Hose, a small, compact watering hose that collapses and stores easily when not in use.

What's Your PH

The pH level of the soil is an important consideration in growing gardens. pH is a measure of the quantity of hydrogen present in the soil, and a pH tester gives you a way to measure how acidic or alkaline a soil may be. Keeping the correct pH level for your plants means you will have a harvest that is larger than if you just left it up to chance. If you're going to grow it, grow it to the best of your ability.

Indoor or Out

Hydroponics and seed starting supplies include grow lights which are essential for getting a jump on starting your vegetable garden. Start the seeds inside or in your greenhouse and transplant them when the weather turns nice. You need to baby your plants in order for them to grow and having the right lighting system is an excellent start. Depending on how much space and how many plants you have you might need a small panel or a larger lamp to provide enough warmth. A drip water system with an automatic on and off switch is ideal for both indoor and outside growing and ensures your seedlings stay hydrated.

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