Garden of Life Raw Meal Is Your Choice for Organic Protein Powder

Garden of Life Raw Meal is a complete meal replacement. One or two scoops of the protein powder can help you manage your weight or boost your energy. The organic meal replacement has the nutritional value of seven Garden of Life products in one container, and you can find this product on eBay.

How much protein is in Raw Meal?

Raw Meal is an organic shake and meal replacement that contains more than 44 superfoods. It can help boost your energy while giving you the essential fiber, vitamins, proteins, and minerals that your body needs. One scoop of affordable Raw Meal that you can find on eBay gives you 20 grams of non-GMO and certified USDA organic protein. All this protein is derived from only 13 organic seeds and grains. Raw Meal also contains vegetables, fruits, green juice, live probiotics, and enzymes. Raw Meal contains no gluten, tree nuts, soy, dairy, artificial colors, fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives. Since the product is raw, it has not been processed or heated.

Raw Meal is made for those with a busy lifestyleGarden of Life Raw Meal replacement shakes are formulated to provide nutrition to help you get through your day. With one shake, you can get your required daily amount of fruits and vegetables. You can use Raw Meal for a variety of reasons:
  • On-the-go nutrition: Each serving contains 20 grams of clean and organic proteins, fruit, vegetables, fiber, and juices.
  • Post workout recovery: Since shakes and protein bars can contain a lot of sugar, Raw Meal could help boost your energy and build muscle as part of your post-workout meal replacement.
  • Daily amount of minerals and vitamins: This protein powder contains more than 21 minerals and vitamins in each scoop.
  • Meal replacement with probiotics: This shake mix has 1.5 billion CFU probiotics and enzymes for better digestive health.
  • Vegan protein: This powder is organic and vegan. It is Star-K kosher and a non-GMO whole food protein.
Does Raw Meal come in different flavors?

Garden of Life Raw Meal comes in a variety of flavors on eBay. You can choose from chocolate, lightly sweet, vanilla, and vanilla chai.

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