All You Need to Know About Shopping for Garden Sprayers

Whether you want to water the blooms in your garden or kill the weeds that have been ruining your vegetables, you can find multiple types of new and pre-owned garden sprayers for sale to meet your needs. To find the right garden sprayer for you, look at the wide selection available on eBay before making your final decision.

What types of garden sprayers can you find?

There are three main types of garden sprayers:

  • Compression sprayers: Also called pressure sprayers, pump sprayers, or tank sprayers, these are the most common type of garden sprayers. To use this type of sprayer, you properly mix the chemicals or other gardening products with water, fill the container with the solution, secure the top, and then push up and down on the pump mechanism to build air pressure. Once the air pressure is built, you can release the solution onto your plants with the adjustable nozzle by pressing the trigger.
  • Trigger sprayers: These sprayers are composed of plastic bottles with a pump handle that you squeeze. These are usually used for smaller quantities of plants, but they still require correctly mixing water and chemicals.
  • Slide-type (trombone) sprayers: These sprayers produce the longest stream amongst all garden sprayers, but they require continuous pumping, and the stream may not always be consistent. The pump is built into the handle. These types of sprayers are usually used to water fruit trees.
Advantages of using a compression sprayer

Consider the following features of this type when choosing your affordable garden sprayer:

  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Light and portable
  • Consistent coverage
  • Locking trigger action
What else should you consider before choosing a garden sprayer?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right garden sprayer for your purpose. First, you must determine which type of sprayer you need. Different sprayers have different features and benefits. For example, if you only need to spray a few plants, the trigger sprayer is lightweight and maybe all you need. However, if you need to reach all the plants in your garden, you may need the slide type sprayer that produces the longest stream. In addition, you will want to consider the portability of the garden sprayer and how often you may need to refill the device. If you are interested in a certain brand, you might find an item like the Black and Decker rechargeable garden sprayer that could make the job faster for you. Other brands you may see on eBay include Chapin, Draper, GLORIA, Hozelock, Kingfisher, Silverline, and Spear & Jackson.