Quick Guide to Getting a GameCube AV cord

Your GameCube can provide hours of fun, but it is just a box that collects dust if it doesn't have an AV cord to get the audio and video working. If you are looking to get a new GameCube AV cord to use with your gaming box, check out the affordable GameCube AV cords on eBay.

What makes up a GameCube AV cord?

Nintendo GameCube gaming consoles use an AV cord with a Multi Out connector on one end and three stereo jacks on the other end. The Multi Out connects to the back of the Cube, and the three stereo jacks plug into the television. Thankfully, there is only one type of AV cord that the GameCube uses. If you are searching for a GameCube AV cord, you should easily be able to find what you are looking for on eBay.

How do you connect the GameCube AV cable?

Your AV cable comes with three stereo jacks that are each colored differently: red, yellow, and white. Each color represents a function: red is for right side audio, white is for left side audio, and yellow is for video. Each color must go into the correct hole for your GameCube to function correctly. Most televisions will have color-coded AV ports. Plug the cables into their corresponding colors. Plugging into the GameCube is easy since there is only one slot available in the back of the Cube.

How can you tell if the cord is connected properly?

AV stands for audio video, and that is how you will know it is connected correctly. Provided your GameCube is powered up and ready to go, the following audio and video clues should help:

  • First: When you turn on your GameCube, you will see the GameCube logo pop up on your screen.
  • Second: The GameCube game's menu will appear.
  • Third: You will hear sound coming from your television that corresponds with what you see.
What should you do about poor sound or picture?

If everything is working correctly, but you are not satisfied with the sound or picture quality, it could be caused by a couple of things:

  • Bad connection: It is possible that your cords are not pushed in hard enough to either your television or your GameCube. Give all the jacks an extra hard push.
  • Poor configuration: If your video is working and the sound is weak (or the other way around), it could be that you've plugged the cords into the wrong port. Check your configuration.
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