Keep Your Galaxy Tab Running With a Replacement Battery

The Galaxy Tab is Samsung's line of tablets that run on the Android operating system. These portable devices use batteries to function away from power sources when you need to use them while traveling. You can find affordable Galaxy Tab battery replacement options and tools on eBay.

Can you get a Galaxy Tab battery for different models?

The Galaxy Tab line of tablets includes several models that are battery-powered. You can find a selection of batteries that work with different Samsung Galaxy Tabs on eBay. If you would like to ensure the compatibility of a Galaxy Tab battery with the model you use, you can find the name of your Galaxy Tab in eBay's list and select it. This list can help you narrow your search and find batteries that are designed to work with your Galaxy Tab. Note that some batteries may be compatible with multiple versions of the tablet. Some common models that you'll find batteries for on eBay are the Tab 2, 3, 4, and Pro.

Can you get different Galaxy Tab battery packs?

eBay offers Samsung Galaxy Tab batteries in a couple of formats. You can purchase a standalone battery for the tablet of your choice if you wish. However, you can also buy combo packs that include the battery you need and a set of tools to help you replace it. If you purchase a battery pack with a toolkit, you should receive items such as:

  • Screwdrivers - These tools can deal with the tiny screws that hold your Galaxy Tab together.
  • Spudgers - Spudgers can help you deal with the adhesive that is in between the layers of your Galaxy Tab's frame.
  • Suction cups - These cups can hold the layers of the tablet apart.
What are some features of the Galaxy Tab battery?

A typical Galaxy Tab battery uses a lithium-ion base. Li-ion has several properties that make it useful as a battery. Some potential benefits of this battery type are:

  • High-capacity - Most lithium-ion batteries can take on a lot of energy and keep your Galaxy Tab powered for several hours. The amount of time that you can power your device on a single charge varies depending on the apps you are running.
  • Slow discharge - The li-ion Galaxy Tab battery doesn't discharge much power when you're not using it.
  • Charge memory - Most of these batteries will keep their charge memories and continue to charge to their full capacity each time.
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