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Collect a Marvel Legend with Stan Lee Funko Pop Figures

Stan Lee is a legend in the world of Marvel, and Funko! has decided to celebrate the creator of so many heroes by using his likeness for various Funko! Pop figures. Just like Stan Lee's numerous Marvel movie cameos, the Funko Pop figures cover a broad spectrum of his career in film and comic books. You can find many inexpensive Funko Pop Stan Lee figures on eBay.

Which Stan Lee Comic-Con figures are available?

Comic book and movie conventions always try to draw in fans with access to a variety of exclusive figures and collectibles. Over the years, a variety of different Stan Lee Pop figure collectibles have popped up for purchase. Here are some to consider:

  • The Megacon convention: This convention released five different Stan Lee Funko! Pop figures. Each pose shows him pulling open a shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath. The T-shirt designs include a number of Stan Lee quotes including "Nuff Said" and "Excelsior!"
  • The Comikaze convention: This convention also featured a Stan Lee exclusive figure with Lee dressed up as his own custom superhero.
  • The 2019 New York Comic Con: The comic con featured an exclusive Funko Pop Stan Lee based off his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The figure features a full space outfit and helmet over Lee's head. The exclusives typically come in boxes with labels or stickers on them indicating what year and convention they came from.
Styles available for Funko Pop Stan Lee figures

Some of the most sought after new or preowned Stan Lee Pop vinyl figures are the ones with solid material designs. A Stan Lee was released as part of the Marvel Icons Funko Pop collection and features the man in an all bronze finish. The final design looks like a statue and is part of the theme design Funko uses for all of their icon packs. There is also a full platinum version of the Stan Lee Funko Pop. The platinum figure was an exclusive release from the Stan Lee Collectibles shop.

Stan Lee Wal-Mart exclusives

Over the years, Wal-Mart released a variety of exclusive Stan Lee figures that are no longer available at retail and must be purchased through third-party sellers like eBay. The exclusive Stan Lee Pop figure designs were based on his cameo roles in a variety of Marvel movies. For example, the Captain America Winter Soldier Stan Lee Pop figure features him in a security uniform as he appeared in the movie. The Guardians of the Galaxy Stan Lee Pop features Lee in his space outfit and custom glasses.

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