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Choosing Fujitsu Lifebook Laptops and Netbooks

Fujitsu Lifebook laptops and netbooks are a line of computers made by Fujitsu, a company offering a range of notebooks and tablet PCs. Some are designed for the casual user while others are made for gaming and streaming. When purchasing a Lifebook, consider your memory, RAM, and gigabyte needs to find the correct fit for your lifestyle.

What are the different types of Fujitsu Lifebooks?

Fujitsu Lifebooks are divided into three model segments: all-around (netbook), advanced computers, and superior computers.

  • All-around netbooks: These are suitable for the casual user who runs the standard office applications. Netbooks are also designed for checking e-mail, simple picture editing, or surfing the web using a multimedia application. They are also smaller than other computer styles, so they fit in most travel bags.
  • Advanced laptops: These Fujitsu computers have advanced processing power and also include a port replicator. They also tend to have pre-installed security features not found in Netbooks. The additional RAM also allows for gaming, videos, and streaming applications.
  • Superior laptops: This Fujitsu laptop model is designed for the mobile professional user as well as industries such as healthcare, services, research, and education. These laptops are lightweight and portable, which makes them especially suitable for business trips. They have the highest RAM, CPU, and SSD of all types.
What are the different computer models available?

There are models like the Fujitsu Lifebook U772 Intel Core i5 or the Fujitsu Lifebook U937. Models are usually categorized by series as follows:

  • A-/AH-series, SH-series, and LH-series: Models from the A-/AH-series, the SH-series, the LH-series, and the NH-series are typically all-around Netbooks. Examples of these laptops include Lifebook models A357, A557 HD/FHD, and A555.
  • U, E, and P-series: Models from U, E, and P-series are in the advanced segment. Examples include Lifebook U758, U757, U748, U747, E756, E746, E736, and E558.
  • T, P, and S-series: Models from the T, P, and S-series are in the superior category. Examples of superior models include the models U938, U937, S938, S937, and S936.
What are some features of Fujitsu netbooks?

All computer models are compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. They feature an Intel Core processor by Intel (7th Gen in the All-rounders and 8th Gen in Advanced and Superior). Its CPU can range from 2GHz in the all-rounders and then up to 3.9GHz for the superior models. The laptops have a variety of available hard drive sizes from 256GB, 512GB, and up to 1TB.

To choose the system with the correct features, it's key that you identify your needs as a laptop user and then adjust your choice accordingly. Needs can be a long battery life, anti-glare screen features, Wi-Fi connections, all-in-one capabilities, and more. The benefits of the Lifebook series are in its versatility and the ability to cater to the individual user.

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