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From Snapshot to Professional Photo: Choosing the Right Fujifilm Digital Camera

Take your photography to the next level while recording all those precious moments you only get to experience once in a lifetime with a new or used Fuji camera. You can find plenty of choices for every level of photography skill from beginner to expert when you shop on eBay for Fujifilm camera for sale. With the array of available options, everyone can take their favorite type of photo.

What types of Fujifilm digital cameras are available?

Fujifilm produces three broad groups of Fuji digital cameras that you might want to consider, including:

  • DSLR cameras - Digital single-lens cameras allow you to add and remove lenses so that they can take a variety of photos. Options made by Fujifilm include S series, FinePix S series, FinePix X series, and XF.
  • Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras- These lightweight cameras come in a variety of megapixels ranging from 14 megapixels to 99.9 megapixels. Fujifilm digital camera options in this category include the X-T3 E, X-H1, and X=T20.
  • Point-and-shoot - The lens on these cameras are fixed, and they are small, making them easy to carry with you everywhere. Fujifilm digital camera options falling in this category include the X100 series, FinePix 500, FinePix XQ1.
Beginner Fujifilm X-series cameras

There are many different choices in X-series cameras. If you are looking for a beginner camera, then consider the X-M1 offering an X-trans sensor that minimizes moiré effects and eliminates the need for a low-pass filter. This entry-level camera that accepts all x-mount lenses also has a pivoting screen making it easier to see the image regardless of where the sun location. Additionally, consider the X-A series of cameras. These cameras, like the X-A5, are inexpensive Fujifilm digital cameras that have no mirrors. They offer CMOS sensors, high-definition dynamic ranges, and most can shoot video.

Essential features to look for in digital cameras

There are five essentials that you need to consider when shopping for a used, refurbished or new Fujifilm camera;

  • Manual mode - This allows you to have more control over your photos as you can choose different settings. For example, when you consider the Fuji xt20 used, you have control of shutter speed, exposure compensation, drive and other controls by simply turning dials.
  • Megapixels- When you have a high number of megapixels, then you can zoom in closer without losing quality, and you can crop closer in your digital darkroom. While early Fujifilm digital cameras often gave you very few megapixels, newer options give you many more.
  • Ergonomics - Professionals often need larger cameras while tourists may be happy with smaller models.
  • Raw - When you choose a Fujifilm digital camera that allows you to save in Raw, then you increase your digital darkroom possibilities.
  • Focus points - Generally, the more focus points your camera has, the sharper your images will be when you print them out or post them online.
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